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Originally Posted by jonathan7
Didnt RH do a mod fo Shylon? At least I know he added a planet as I have that mod for K1 Or did he jus use exsisting modules? Its a while since I played it so can't actually remember! Out of interest doesnt anyone know where the Polish dudes that did that Yavin IV mod got the modules from? I've only seen screenies but looked good!
Every area mod ever made to this date re-uses existing area modules. However it can feel like an entirely new area based on how a mod maker places them together and make the player feel new to the area.

Redhawke never made a Sleheyron mod. He made Ord Mandell and a small area mod called Weebul and Utinii's shop.

Yavin IV was also made up of re-used modules and they start you off on the Top of the Unknown worlds temple.

Now Gsccc did a storyline mod for K1 called Reign of the Sith. This mod if I recall properly had a Sleheyron area too it which was a reskin of Tatooine. ROTS also had a Reskin of Dantooine which was to make it Hoth.

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