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Originally Posted by Fish.Stapler
Bastila probably feels like she was betrayed by Revan, in both the light and dark sides of K1. Dark side? She was poised to be VERY powerful, the new Sith apprentice to what was going to be a very unstoppable armada. Revan leaves, suddenly there's nobody to hold the reforged Sith armies in check...and they are consumed by rival warlords. If light side, she is probably resentful to a certain degree since Revan left her abruptly.

This "betrayal" would definitely gnaw at her. Not to mention, she may feel like she was betrayed by the light side of the force when Malak tortured her since she wasn't able to fully resist. Guilt, so to speak. Taking the cannonical Revan into perspective, I'm 99% sure people followed the love path. Bastila may have loved Revan, but betrayal, especially by someone you love, is EXCEEDINGLY hard to swallow. She may still love Revan, but either be resentful towards him or his ideals (ideals since they overrode his love for her). She may not try to kill him, but to crush everything he worked for. Think of psycho girlfriends ( or even boyfriends ) in movies who constrict their spouses life so that they can spend more time together...sounds like an angry Bastila to me.

The betrayal by the light side of the force could also gnaw at her. She could see the true sith coming back, and with a combination of her dislike for Revans ideas, untrustful feelings towards the light side, and memory of what the dark side was like may cause her to betray the Republic and ally with the True Sith.
Seems logical. I like the idea of it being Bastila. Betrayal by someone you love can be a strong motivator.

I don't think it would be Revan simply because, according to everything we've learned about him before, he is always trying to strengthen the Republic. To turn his back on them would contradict all of what he stands for.

I'm not good at these "long posts", I'm more of a "short and to the point" kind of guy. Usually, other people get on here and post my ideas for me, and I just agree with them.
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