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Originally Posted by PoiuyWiredBao-Dur
Actually its a GREAT CHOICE. His fate is not mentioned by the old hag, and his death is uncertain. He would look gentle and unsuspecting. And his technological genius would make him the perfect suspect to cook up a droid planet acompanied by New HK series droid.

Bao-Dur, you say? Hmmmm... Yeah, I get your meaning, but I can only see him doing that in three scenarios:

1: He always been a treachorus actor, and the Ebon Hawk, his playhouse. He seemed to be the good guy (such as Carth), but he was a real jerk.

2:Something... twisted him. Maybe that old Sith Hermit on Tulak's Hord Tomb on Korriban, has "teached" him. And, since he wasn't very clever on his subject, the Hermit thaught him the difficulty way, Force Storm included .

But for serious now, If he, on one of his travels throught the galaxy, have learned something, a Dark Side artifact, anything, he might as well being corrupted.

3: Maybe he turn evil because he believes he is doing the good... like Anakin, and himself too. Remember that old dialogs on the Ebon Hawk, between him and Mandalore? Where the Mandalorian asks him what was his motivation on the war, why he choosed to fight? He tells them that he had no choice, but attck to defend his homeworld and the Republic, cause the mandalorians were butcher with a twisted sense of honor. He was fightoing because it was right to.

After, when talking with him, he asks the same question that Mnadalore asked him before. Why choose to fight? Independently what's your awnser, he tells you that he wanted revenge. Rvenge on those that burned Iridonia and it's people. That's for me, the most likely scenario.


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