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Originally Posted by SilentScope001
Actually, my DSM Exile fell to the DS after being "betrayed" by the Jedi Order during the Mandalorian Wars and after being told numberous times that he was responsible for Peragus. The Jedi Order did not fight the Mandalorians, and criticized those that did...which made my Exile pretty upset.
To me that's disappointment and disagreement. The exile may thought very badly of the council, but they were consistent in how they dealt with it.

Jedi master: "We're not going to fight the Mandalorians, and if you join Revan's crusade, then we're going to cast out!"

Exile: "Well, I'm going to join Revan anyway!"

Jedi master: "Right. Then you're exiled from the jedi order!"


Nah, sorry - it doesn't add up for me. You'd have to be pretty crazy to insist that is betrayal, and even if you play the exile as DS, it still doesn't add up, since then it makes absolutely no sense to me that the exile would then return to the council to face judgment, as the exile indeed did.

Originally Posted by SilentScope001
I think that if there should be a Darth Traya, he should be reserved for a Dark Sided Exile.
Well, you have every right to your opinion, especially if I disagree with it. My DS exile was different, however, so it would have to be optional either way.

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