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Originally Posted by Jediphile
Meh. The exile was never betrayed in his heart, methinks. The council cast all those out, who followed Revan's crusade, so the exile's, well, exile is really just an affirmation of their early choice to exile them all. The exile is special there only because he was the only one to ever return and face judgment.
The Council never had the chance to throw any of them out of the Jedi Order; every Jedi that went to fight in the Mandalorian Wars either died or was turned to the dark side. From what I understand none of them were officially exiled from the Order, except for the Jedi Exile.

And anyways, my point wasn't that the Exile was betrayed by being exiled, she was betrayed because it was done under false pretenses and was lied to. She wasn't expelled from the Order because she had gone to war like they told her, but because they feared what she had become.

The exile was never close enough to Atris to really be betrayed in his heart by her. Atris loved the male Exile, but he didn't know it, and so never returned those feelings. And besides, even if he had, the male exile is just an option (and not even the canonical one, which is sad, if you ask me...)
That's a matter of opinion really; the exact nature of Atris and the Exile's relationship is left up to the player through a number of dialogue options, but regardless it's clear that they knew each other well enough, and she betrayed her by using her position in the Council, and later by using her as Sith Lord bait. Just as she had felt betrayed by the Exile's choice to go to war.

The exile is never given any particular reason to trust the masters in TSL, and given how Kreia treats the exile, I doubt there is any love lost there either. So no, I wouldn't call any of that "betrayal in the heart" either.
No reason other than they're the Exile's life-long trusted mentors? Assuming that the Exile isn't dark sided and pre-emptively kill them off, she trusted them enough that she gathered them together and was willing to help them fight the Sith, even though she was no longer a Jedi.

And again, assuming that the Exile isn't dark sided there has to have been some kind of trust between the Exile and Kreia. Their lives were literally tied together, and they needed to depend on each other for their survival. The Exile just couldn't have traveled with her, studied under her, fought alongside her for months without developing some kind of kinship.

And I don't want Revan to be Darth Traya - he already has a Sith title, one is enough as far as I'm concerned. :P
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