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i really think it is bad making a character that you create a look for in one of the prior games re-enter the game as an npc.

you had a view of what that character was like and who they were and even defined the look and gender. i think that is the main reason that the characters of the prior story line are pretty much unavailable for interaction... with the exception of the two droids (in keeping with the sw tradition eg:c3po and r2d2) and for some reason mandalore. (and a the brief interaction with carth, where he in effect says, "if you find -->her<--..." to hell with someone who decided for all the people that played revan as a she, that revan was a he... correct me if i am wrong but i don't remember as much material when playing tsl stating that revan was a male. yea, the holocron... weee... ) to me this is due to the fact that people who have created a personal story version of what happened ... all of a sudden have that portrayed in the new story all wrong.

to me the traya should be someone new. it gives them more ability to do as they wish.
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