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Name: Valin Shyld
Age: 26
Homeworld: Karthakk
Alignment: Clouded
Occupation: Jedi Padawan
Gender: Male
Hair Color: Dirty Blonde
Height: 6'1
Weapon: Single Blue Lightsaber
Attire: Brown Jedi Robe, along with Black Clothing underneath.
Force Powers: Standard Jedi Powers, Dominate Mind, Battle Meditation, Force Grip, Burst of Speed, and Force Levitate.

Personality: Rather distant from the Order, and has a bit of an attitude toward the Jedi. Has flirted with the Dark Side before but, has always been able to return to the light relativley unnoticed.

Bio: Valin was found on the planet of Karthakk when he was five years old by a Sith Soldier patrolling the area, after the attack and attempted take over of the system. Valin was found along the beach, knocked out from a heavy blaster shot to the skull and near the brink of death. From what Valin has been told by the Jedi, he was taken from the sith at night with no cost of casulties. Valin accepted this at the time, but now thinks of this to be a bit convienent. Valin has a scar going down past his eye all the way to halfway down his chest, being cut with a Vibrosword in the attack on his homeworld. Valin is now with the Jedi Order, but is confused to how the Jedi are handeling the new order.
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