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Originally Posted by lgdnp
Oh yeah, and allso

Grim Fandango

I know, i'm pushy... damn me to hell
Hope it's possible
Of course it's possible to damn you to hell:

Regarding the covers... I'm not really planning on continuing right now... first thing would be adding stuff to LucasArts Soundtracks, and even that has to wait right now, since my real life is still busy as hell (so I'll join you there, I guess).

Now come on, give us some details. What are the sources of these (image-wise, not download-wise)? I guess they are insanely upscaled to be printed at that size, right? The "Sam & Max"-poster on the left is a scan from "Surfing the Highway", so I guess it was de-screened and upscaled as well... c'moooooooon!!!

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