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Originally Posted by Laserschwert
Now come on, give us some details. What are the sources of these (image-wise, not download-wise)? I guess they are insanely upscaled to be printed at that size, right? The "Sam & Max"-poster on the left is a scan from "Surfing the Highway", so I guess it was de-screened and upscaled as well... c'moooooooon!!!
The "Sam and Max" poster, is not a poster at all. It's a painting.
A friend made it for me for my birthday.
Anyway, the source of the MI2 poster is from the original painting, I think Steve Purcell has it hanging in his house, just like the Edisons one.
The source of the Grim Fandango poster is the piece of concept art drawn, in I think it's charcoal, by Peter Chan.

None of these had any logo's or anything in the first place, so none of it is "redrawn" in photoshop.

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