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Tierra de los Muertos 2 is a gap in my life that needs filling.

That preview clip was soooooooo long ago.

As for me, I literally have DOZENS of stories plotted in my head, but I've only barely been able to script anything. Everything from web comic strips to comic books to novels to radio dramas. Oh and an Adventure Game or twelve.

I blame my lack of artistic talent, as it's hard for me to visualize things well to describe them sufficiently to make my writing stand out.

It's an ongoing process. I'm getting better. Why yesterday night, I managed to write down nearly 3 pages of synopsis, plot outlines and world building details for my sci-fi drama series Dust. And I've put together some backgrounds and have been dabbling with the SLUDGE engine to start putting together a tech demo of my graphic adventure game Stanley Bicksford: Certified Exterminator.

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