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Why doesn't anyone ever give me feedback?

Here's an update on the classes:

Aloraual-wielding class sith special abilities and good at parrying (always uses dual style even if given single saber or staff)

Desann:Specializes in Lightning use, using brute force, and is more immune to force powers and knockdown, pushes extremely hard in saber locks

Reborn:The basic dark force user/saberist class, (it's coded with gunners in mind) great for gunners because it allows them to roll and dodge your attacks as well as run freely without the waypoint system

Shadowtrooper:The Reborn Master class, superb saber skills when stats and rank are maxed, specializes in Dark and Light force usage

Tavion:Automatically uses tavion style (might be able to change this), incredible saber skills (wouldn't reccomend giving an NPC with this class 500 HP because they'll easily survive direct/critical hits)

Jedi:Basic light Jedi class, extremely powerful when stats are maxed out, usually heals after a fight is over

Kyle:Mysterious class, can be sucky, or like a Jedi Overlord, if using an NPC with this one, experiment witn different stats until it's just right (reccomend giving lots of HP)

Luke:Considerably the best Jedi class available, but it takes some more tweaking to get it just right (I have a luke with 1000 HP, Lvl 5 stats, better vigilance and runspeeds, and a faster more powerful lightsaber, and I'm pretty sure he can beat two desanns at the same time).

Your auto-blocking is in vain! Only SP source code modification can allow you to block my desann-style attacks without being staggered now!

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