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I've reviwed both chapters, Dylan. And I must say, I' already loving it as much as I did Shoemaker's Son., on another note, Happily Ever After is up on Reviews are greatly appreciated, anon accepted.

Talking about noncanon as Klia mentioned ... I've noticed a lot of fanon on FF.

One thing I've noted is Milla's fanon catchphrase; 'Darling'. I only heard her say it twice at the most throughout the entire game, but in fanfiction it's treated as if she says it once every 'paragraph'. I'm sure I've heard her say sweetie more. In many fanfictions she uses this pet name with everyone she meets. I've only ever heard her use it on the children, she hasn't referred to any adults with 'Darling'.

Raz having no mom: I've read TONS of stuff where his mom is dead. Where did that come from? If you look in one of his reels you will see him, his father, his presumable siblings, and a very obvious WOMAN performing acrobatics. This woman (along with dad and the alleged siblings) watches Raz curiously as they train while he reads True Psychic Tales. This most definitely must be fanon. And now that I think about it, Raz has to AT LEAST have a sister; he plainly stated once to Kitty and Franke; "Where do you get your nice clothes? See, I've got this sister and she'd kind of fat..." Saying he's got all brothers or no siblings wouldnít be canon.

The Aquatos: There is some very compelling evidence, but Raz's last name (Aquato) still remains largely fanon.

Lili being motherless/without siblings: Just because they arenít mentioned doesnít mean they donít exist. Lili could very well have a mom and siblings.

Lili being short for something else: Iíll admit that Lili seems to short to be a full name. The most popular fanon full name is Lillian (in which case the double L is shortened to one, a possible spelling variation to retain the phonetic integrity of Lili is Liliann), followed by Lilith.

A very Sasha Nein never smiling: Sasha smiling isnít too uncommon in the game, and he isnít as strict as he is often portrayed, he keenly urges Raz to break rules in order to experiment on him in the game.

Sasha Nein/Milla Vodello: We had only that measly reel in Millaís mind to hint at possible romance. It may as well be buried history for the two never act amorous or meet often in the game.

Sasha being a workaholic: there is alot of Sashacentric fanon. Sure, he spends a good chunk of time in the game in his lab, but I dont think he's as closeted as he's depicted. From the reel, you see him doing alot of actiony stuff. With his counseling at WR, I think he's taking these more languid days as a chance to catch up on his pet projects, which we can assume are his true passion as opposed to fieldwork. Or perhaps it's the other way around and Sasha genuinly enjoys experimenting and researching.

Milla being an empath: 'Milla's children' is compelling, but there is no definitive proof of Milla being an empath or telepath.

Raz being a telepath: I wonder how appropriate it is to label Raz since he hasn't had the experience to specialize in anything.

Sasha only reffering to Milla by her last name: Sasha has never once directly talked to Milla in the game. He refers to her when speaking to othe people. Calling her 'Agent Vodello' is more a sign of respect than aloofness.

I plan to write as many fanfictions as I can that shatter these fanon molds ... because I can ;D ! A story I look forward to doing is 'Dont be Sad, it's Carneval!'. It details rookie agents Sasha and Milla's first mission. They are sent out to Brasil since they need someone fluent in portoguese (Milla!). Using telepathy or empathy on a person to translate languages is against the code of conduct, since the Psychonauts are confined to the USA. The otherwise simple mission turns out to be excruciating for the two since ... they cant stand each other! I think it wouldn't make sense for the 2 to have gotten along right off the bat, so in the story Milla and Sasha are contantly fighting and bickering and being at each other's throats.
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