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Slowly awakens from his slumber and rises to his hands and knees looking around dazed. Valin grinned slightly, and shrugged his shoulders before rising to the corner and pointing to the soldier for a moment, before shaking his head and slumping to a sitting position.

"I have a message for Tepe. Tell him that if he wants to talk to me, he can come down here and talk to me. I'm sick of being pulled around, and frankly I'm tired." Valin said, as the Soldier turned around and looked at Valin shocked.

"Lord Tepe doesn't have to listen to yo..." The soldier attempted but, Valin cut him off.

"Then he can't see me. I suppose you could try and take me by force, but that would just prove my theory of Tepe and Cylia hiding behind their soldiers. Get to it." Mumbled Valin as the soldier sighed loudly before mumbling something under his breath and pointing to another soldier to watch the cage.

Valin folded his legs into an indian sit position an closed his eyes meditating on the recient events, Lord Tepe and Cylia had taken him here for no reason, and frankly anything they say to him won't mean much, for he was tired, angry, and annoyed at the moment.
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