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Cylia finally entered, bowing and apologizing for the delay.

"The Jedi is in containment. He was rather rude, I must say, and was quite resisting of this audience with you my Lord. Also..." she trailed off, pulling out the report from the inside of her robes and handing it to a guard, who passed it on to Tepe.

"He caused some trouble on the shuttle on the way here. I realize you may see it as an underestimation on my part, and I apologize for the casualities and will take full responsibility, but he has been apprehended for your inquiry, My lord," Cylia concluded.


Strider sighed as he gathered his things as well, he watched Emukiel walk out, then finally said something before he left.

"How do you convince yourself that the thing you've spent your entire life hunting could ultimately be the source of greater good? I see the success the Dominion holds over its citizens, and it's one that I've had a hard time understanding these past years, but everything in my gut tells me there's something amiss here, that something isn't quite right. Peace only lasts so long, and I don't want to be the one to mistake to place our loyalty where it will, in the end, be misplaced," Strider said calmly, looking at the old Grandmaster for an answer.

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