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I've considered dabbling in a computer game, but the bad thing is I have ideas and no way of implementing them.

Tierra de los Muertos 2! So many fond memories. Or as I became to know it as, 'In Search of the Big Kahuna'. You know the bad thing about that story in particular? It's a GOOD idea, but it's not a GREAT idea. I've had many ideas for stories that take place in the Land of the Dead (Casi Muerte being one of them, I've written the script for that at least) and other things keep taking priority. Big Kahuna, at the moment, lies a distant third in line for what still needs to be recorded. That's potentially years away (if at all).

Knowing my luck with chinese democracies, I'll be done with the sequel book to Tierra before the radio series rumbles around. Although every time we do a recording, I pull out the script for Casi Muerte... but there's never enough time. It'd make a great twenty minute Christmas special.

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