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((Nuke, why do you think there are guards everywhere? Don't you think that it would be much more effective if the prisoners were all alone in a dark dungeon? But leave that in nonetheless))

"Indeed. The thing amiss here is that there has been no peace. The Jedi of Coruscant along with first the New Republic and now the Galactic Alliance bring war to innocent planets. The citizens of the Dominion had a good time for a while between the time when the Republic backed down and the Galactic Alliance was formed. Since then ther has beennothing but burning wreckages coming throught the atmosphere, drafts, house searches, jedi hunts across towns and worst of all instability. If you truly want to know how the war is going, go to Ossus. A major part of our fleets and armies has been defending the Jedi Praxeum. You would think we would've pulled back after 16 battles over the planet, but no. We still try and repair our fleets between the Galactic Alliance attacks so we can push back yet another attempted invasion of Ossus. You see? That is what is amiss here. The Sith protect the Jedi for no gain. Even Skywalker and Katarn can vouch for that" Emukiel said as he turned to look at Strider. The Weequay smiled lightly and shook his head at the Hunter.

"After millenias of the same, it is hard to adjust to the new, yet when you do, your mind becomes much more clearer than it ever was. Remove your prejudice and think about it" he said before finally walking out to the street and heading for his speeder. He had planet the seed, now it would be left to grow. He trusted his instincts enought to know he would be contacted again at some point.


Tepe nodded to Cylia to take a seat, taking the report and glancing at it swiftly.
"Hmm... I'll have to ask some questions from him later, but now for something completely different... The briefing. Grand Admiral, would you start please?" Tepe said and looked at the Grand Admiral who rose up and bowed. A mechno-chair modified to containg a large holoprojector appeared and walked to the middle of them, launching a small map of the Dominion areas. The Grand Admiral sighed a lot during his briefing. They were losing men and equipment on the sieges of the original Imperial Remnant sectors, they were at a standstill at the Southern end, The Hutts were still in control of their space and thus far they had taken most planets at the edge of the galaxy at least on the Dominion half of it. The Grand Admiral looked at the Apprentices, Cylia and Tepe before sitting down. It had been a very long briefing. Over an hour the Grand Admiral had talked, then the Grand General stepped up and gave an equally long speech.

"The situation grows worse day by day. We can't churn out more and more equipment. We need to reach a peace with the Galactic Alliance before they break throughtour defences and find themelves able to march over our troops. Kaoin, your armies are still pretty strong. We'll need you at Wayland when we assault it. For now, move your fleets to Taris and prepare them to take the planet if peace is not resolved. Charna, go to speak with the Hutts. I trust that their immunity to force will prove quite useless againt your skills.Grand Admiral, Grand General, prepare a strategy on how to repair the entire fleet we have in a stepped system. Cylia stay and tell me more of our guest. The rest of you are dismissed. Leave if you wish" he said and stood up, walking to the other side of the table and leaning on it while watching the woman curiously

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