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Cylia nodded and waited until the rest left for her to continue her brief to Tepe over the Jedi.

"He's very volatile. He holds many surprises. He seems rather uninterested in anything the Dominion has to say, however, so I will have to leave that to you," she said.


Strider sighed, and pulled his cloak tighter around himself. Before he could start to leave, however, the one thing he'd been dreading to run into had caught up with him just after Emukiel left. Jedi of the Galactic Alliance.

"Strider Flamehart, we'd thought you'd left the galaxy to deal with it's share of hell. What a surprise we find that the strong Force signature was you and not one of Tepe's stronger men," one of them said.

"Is it because you're stupid?" Strider said bluntly.

"Save your taunts, Flamehart. Come with us if you want to live, in the name of the Jedi Council we are taking you prisoner!" he ordered.

Strider's blue blade ignited once more. There was a pause as the three Jedi who faced him ignited theirs. Strider gave a simple response.

"I'd like to see you try."

The fight was brief. Strider's blur of a blue blade moved faster than the Jedi could blink, and before they knew it, they found the emitters of their lightsaber hilts severed and clatter to the floor. A strong Force waved knocked them off their feet and into the walls or onto the ground. None of them were wounded, but all effectively disarmed.

"Good day to you," Strider said calmly, and walked out before any of them could recover to stop him.

He moved quickly, making his way back to his hidden docking station. He boarded his ship and lifted off, exiting the atmosphere and entering known space. He hid his signature as he left the planet, making it impossible once again for anyone to track him. He punched him some hyperspace coordinates and leapt to Lightspeed, heading back to the dock.

In mid hyperspace, he sent a communication to Seraxis.

"I'm on my way back. Tell the others," he said shortly.

"Will do." And the communication ended. Strider began tossing ideas around inside his head now, debating on his future, and the possible future of the Sith Hunters.

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