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Tepe looked at Cylia and sighed, standing up straight and placing his hand on her shoulder.
"Your mind is in turmoil. You must meditate more. Let go of the memory of Strider Flamehart and meditate on yourself. I will tell my Guards to let you pass to the second floor. Go to my meditation chamber. There you will find your answers" Tepe said and patted her shoulder befor leaving for the door. He opened the large doors, went outside, said something to the guard who look at Cylia and bowed, then left off towards the Dungeon. The Guard stepped inside the throne room.
"This way, Lady Cylia" the Guard said and waited for her to come with him before leading her towards the mefitation chamber.

Meanwhile, Tepe rushed into the dungeon. The guards stood into attention as the Dark Lord rushed past them and to the holding cell of Valin. He nodded for one of the guards to open the door so he could get inside. The Sith's cape was around him so that the Jedi could not see his lightsabers. The man also blocked his force signature as he stared at Valin.
"I have heard that you have been commanding my guards around. who do you exactly think you are?" he asked and looked at the ignorant man meditating.
"You do know that you are messing with the Dark Lord of the Sith, don't you?"


Emukiel reached his shuttle again, jut in time to recieve a message from Thule. He pondered the message for a while. It seemed he was going to the Senate to try and get a peace treaty going. He sighed. It would be a long stay on Coruscant for him. He left again with the speeder, this time for the office of the Head of State as the ambassador of the Sith Dominion. Too bad he didn't bring some people with him, even if he could take care of the security himself if it came to it. It was just that it brought respect to his side if he had his own security.

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