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Thanks guys, I mostly play Movie Battles so I don't really use NPCs in multiplayer, did anyone check out my topic about fighting bosses in the strategy shack (I WANT FEEDBACK)?

I've gotten so good at Single Player I can go toe-to-toe without speed or -protect etc. and win time and time again against pretty much every boss and boss like NPC I've created until they eventually get me (lol).

I forgot to say about this, for melee using npcs:

Enemy team+Thermal Dets and Melee=from a distance they throw thermal detonaters at you but when up close they bring out melee and punch you

Class Reborn+Melee=Jedi AI (they should flip around and use force powers but they don't always)

Melee+Team Player=Whatever class you chose.

EDIT:Oh yeah, lately I've been experimenting with making gunner bosses that are a match for you as a Jedi (besides Boba Fett), and I made an imperial_warlord NPC.

I gave it the Imperial Commander model, the Concussion rifle, 500 HP, Class_Reborn, and Force jump level 1, and captain rank and level 5 stats.

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