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Valin glanced up to Tepe for a moment, his eyes bloodshot looking as if he just woke up a from a sleep before going back into deep meditation for a moment. Valin slowly opened his eyes and pushed himself off the wall to rise up to his feet and leaned against the wall to support himself watching Tepe's movements for a moment.

"Of course, I know Tepe. But, after being stuck in this dungeon for awhile you start to not care who anybody is." Valin said as a small grin spread across his face and he turned his back to Tepe, glancing over his shoulder.

"Now, its time for another question. Why am I here? I assume you have a good reason to pull an... innocent civilian off the streets of a planet." Valin mumbled before grinning playing dumb that he was force sensetive, knowing that Tepe could already sense it, but was using it to show him Tepe was no diffrent than anybody else around him.
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