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"This is not an easy decision, Brother," Reibe said softly. "Upon the initial hearing, everything within me screams against the suggestion you make. And yet..." She fell silent. Suddenly, she shifted, turning to the chair that would have been Jahara's.

"Jahara felt called to confront Charna," she explained to Strider, who was the only Hunter that did not know of it yet. "She went to Nal Hutta to find her." Sighing wearily, she closed her eyes. "This is another reason I am torn on the subject you have brought to our attention..."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Reibe's little starfighter dropped out of hyperspace over Nal Hutta, Jahara at its controls. She coolly observed the Dominion ships in orbit and adjusted her course to miss them. Almost immediately, she sensed her old friend, already on the planet... no doubt attempting to barter with Hutts for something or other. Jahara shivered lightly. In that job, she did not envy Charna.


Charna was smiling confidently as she spoke with Guurba the Hutt. Anything he desired, she knew before he spoke. Thus far, she was being very successful at satisfying his desires and having her own fulfilled. But then, she felt Jahara's presence and lost her sense of focus. Guurba's happiness turned to rage, but Charna regained her control and finished the negotiations. Excusing herself in a rush, she left the Hutt's palace, hoping to get to her shuttle without running into Jahara.

But that was not to be.

"I felt you the instant I dropped out of hyperspace," Jahara murmured from her spot, seated atop Charna's shuttle. "Your newfound darkness... it doesn't suit you, Danni."

"Danielle Bayers is gone," Charna answered coldly. "You know my name."

"As you wish, Charna," Jahara said. She stood and flipped off the shuttle, over Charna's head to land behind her. Charna turned to face her old friend.

"You're a Sith Hunter now," she observed. Jahara nodded.

"You've sensed my resequenced genetic structure," she replied. Charna smirked.

"What is this?" she wondered, "a sense war?"

Jahara cocked her head. "What do you want it to be?"

Simultaneously, the two women struck out their hands toward one another. The opposing Force shockwaves collided with a deafening crack and created a small, deep crater between the two former friends. Charna followed the shockwave immediately with a powerful blast of lightning, which Jahara deflected upward. The bolt seared through a smaller Dominion blastboat, frying the crew and disabling the engines. The little ship plummeted through the atmosphere and extinguished its flames in the ocean.

"How very... destructive of you," Charna remarked. Jahara shook her head.

"You made the lightning," she pointed out. Charna reached out a hand to choke the young Hunter, but the attempt failed as Jahara threw a Force 'punch', a small, intensely focused push at Charna's stomach. The punch landed solidly, knocking Charna clean off her feet, gasping for breath.

"That's... new..." she wheezed. Jahara smiled faintly.

"So's lightning coming from you," she countered. "Weren't you always hanging around the Healers?"

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