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Strider nodded, as if the decision to send Jahara to face Charna was fine.

"Like I said, the situation has to be appropriately monitored if the Sith Hunters were to side with the Dominion. There are those who are lined up to be the next Lord of the Dominion when or if Tepe eventually steps down or falls. There are certain...heirs, to put it appropriately, that may not share the same careful sentiments over the civilians that he does," Strider explained.

There was a long pause, some chatter amongst the Hunters, before Strider spoke again.

"I cannot make my decision without the aid of yours. Please, especially you Riebe, tell me everything you feel on the subject," Strider requested, then looked at Katherine, implying the same to her.

Katherine let out a long sigh. This was not a decision she had been expecting to make, but knew there was no other choice. They would have had to choose a definite stance in the war sometime.

"Strider, I will stand by whatever decision is made by the majority here, that's all I can say," she replied.

Strider nodded, and looked to the other Hunters. "So please, enlighten me on the full extent of your opinions," he requested.

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