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((I deleted the last post. I didn't like it at all))

Tepe frowned at the silent Valin and stepped out of the cage. A guard closed and locked the door before looking at the Lord for orders.
"Get him ready for transportation. I can torture him on my ship on the way to Ossus" the Dark Lord said, nodded to the young guard and left. The guards ordered a hoversled designed for prisoner tranportation. Once it arrived, the guards used a stun gun on Valin, cuffed him and then locked him within a ray shield ontop of the hoversled. A guard was on the hoversled, controlling it, while two others walked beside it towards a waiting gunship that had come down to pick them up.

Meanwhile, Tepe found the Colonel and walked with him to the small garden out back. It was another small sanctuary to the Lord. A calm, hidden place for his light side. The Colonel removed his officer's cap and revealed a small implant that connected him to the Sith Dominion mainframe. He was the most trusted man in the whole Dominion when it came down to Tepe and nobody could even compare. The two were like brothers, even by their looks.
"Kaoin has started to become more and more frustrated. The guards tell me he has become much more temperamental and ruthless. Especially in battles"
"Hmm... He is planning to betray me. How are the spies within his crews?"
"They have reported of strong loyalties to Kaoin, even if most of them are still more loyal to the Dominion cause than that of Kaoin's. Those who support Kaoin are single, young and eager, while those who support us are family men and women who have children or parents to think about"
"The young crew members are a threat and even your guards can't withstand the amount they are in. Kaoin should be taken care of sooner or later, yet we need him and his strategic skills. No Dark Jedi general can compare to a Sith's understanding with the Force. Tell your guards to start wearing combat armor at all times and carry heavy weapons at all times when near Kaoin. If he rebels, we'll just have to take as much of his troops out as we can."
"Yes, my lord" the Colonel said and a moment of silence took over as they walked around in the garden.

"I sence Charna is in danger... Send her guards to check up on her. I need her alive. And try to find out if the team back on Ruun has managed to find out the secrets of the machine in the Old Sith Temple. I want to know the secret of nearly eternal life without consuming my force energy into it" Tepe finally said and nodded to the Colonel, which meant for him to leave.
"Yes, my lord. Shall I prepare a shuttle for your departure to Ossus?"
"Yes... Let me know when it's ready"
"Yes, my lord"

So the two men departed once again. The Colonel left the garden while Tepe took a seat in a small stone ring right in the middle of the lush sanctuary. He started a deep meditation, finding a calm place withing himself and clearing his mind of all material things. The silence was like heaven for him. The calmness of his mind could be felt by anyone who were somehow connected to him by force, may it be throught leeching of one's energy or by friendship. His calmness was something special within the Force, as it came from a Dark source while staying pure.

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