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Originally Posted by PoiuyWired
Well, i remember some time ago someone tried to port DF in to JA or something, and obviously the guy becoimes a lazy bum and project never finishes.
You mean this mod here?
You'll be interested to note that the "lazy bums" are making slow but steady progress. Two fantastic demos already done, a third on the way.

Originally Posted by Yadiel
By the way where did u get the first render of Kyle you used as backgroun on your tut, I'm trying to get all the art I can find about Kyle.
That's a shot taken in Modview of the Kyle model used in the first DF Demo (for Jedi Outcast), available at the link above. They did make a JO/Multiplayer version of the Kyle model, but it's not on the site for download any more (I've got it though, I'll post it if the guys making the mod will let me)

In case you hadn't guessed, I can highly recommend both the JO and JA demos! Hell, yeah.

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