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((Changed the Charna-Jahara fight to Nal Hutta, given a very tiny indication in the post BKK deleted that that's where he intended the negotiations with the Hutts to take place... and it makes better sense that way ))

The two former friends launched everything they could think of at one another, anything from simple Force pushes to more lightning from Charna (with a little returned from Jahara) and a few more Force 'punches' from Jahara, which Charna quickly learned to block and to return.

By the time Charna's guards got the message they were to check on her, an area of nearly a full square mile had been demolished and the two friends still fought at the center of an ever growing crater, the battered hulk of Charna's shuttle beneath them. Now, their lightsabers were out, flickering this way and that, occasionally clashing if the women got close enough. In every way, both in the Force and in lightsaber combat, Charna and Jahara were evenly matched.

"What do we do?" one guard said to another as they watched from a distance. The other shook his head solemnly.

"This is way over our heads," he answered. "However, Lord Tepe has made it very clear he wants Charna to survive... perhaps if we call out to her."

And they did. Their call made an abrupt halt to the battling women and both of them turned toward the guards.

"Friends of yours?" Jahara asked curiously. Charna smiled faintly.

"My guards," she answered. "No doubt they've been sent to see to it you don't kill me."

"How accurate are they?" Jahara wondered. Charna chuckled.

"I wouldn't try anything," she advised. Jahara shrugged.

"I wouldn't either," she said. Smiling, she shut off her lightsaber and clipped it to her belt. Confused, Charna turned to face her old friend.

"What are you doing?" she wondered. Jahara laughed.

"I thought the Force called me here to kill you," she said. "Now I realize I was called here to be tested. Look around us, Charna. We're at the center of what could be classified a city-devastating event. We both passed this test. Now, you will return to your master, and I will return to my brothers and sisters."

Charna sighed and closed her eyes. "Despite the circumstances, it was good to see you again."

With a sly smile, Jahara answered, "You too, Danni." This time, Charna did not correct her, and the old friends walked their separate ways, Charna back to her guards and Jahara back to the fighter.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Reibe did not answer Strider for a long moment. Then, she closed her eyes and shook her head, sighing. "Strider, I would be lying if I said I had not thought of siding with the Dominion. But within my mind, I seem to run into the brick wall of a Sith in charge. Sith Like Palpatine, and Vader, and Vessa come to mind. Somewhere in my head, I have this..." She paused, searching for the right word. "... this template for what a Sith Lord is."

Again, she fell into an uneasy silence, her mechanical right hand clenched in her mental battle over the issue. Waving her left hand dismissively, she murmured, "Pass over me... pass over... need to think..." She rose to look out from a window, into space.
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