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The Colonel steped again within the Garden. He walked to the stone ring and cleared his throat, waiting for the Lord to awaken from the meditation.
"Yes, Colonel" Tepe asked while still partly in the meditation.
"The ship is ready and the prisoner is onboard, my Lord. Also, Emukiel has sent word that he has an appointment with the Head of State early tomorrow morning. He also wishes to inform you that he senced betrayal within the Head of State's office. He thinks it is likely the Galactic Alliance will try to break our defences one last time before that meeting and use the attacking admirals as scapegoats" the Colonel informed the Lord who opened his eyes and stood up.
"Very well. Call my apprentices and inform them that I will be having dinner with the Council of Masters of the Ossus Jedi and that if they wish to join me, they are free to do so. Place all defences on high alert." Tepe said and walked for the door, the Colonel following him and placing the officer's cap properly on his head. The two men left the garden side-by-side and headed for a waiting shuttle to take them onboard the Phasma. Tepe's Guards once again escorted the Lord within the shuttle.


Emukiel set himself down onto the bed within a room presented to him, taking that he was now an official ambassador for the cause of the Sith Dominion. He looked out of the hotel window, looking as the sun started to set itself down behind the skyline of Coruscant. The weequay had recieved a brief message from Tepe, telling him the conditions of a peace treaty, which were much more negotiable than the ones Tepe had given when he requested to establish a nation within Sith Space. Emukiel took out his small holoprojector and looked at the message once again.

"The Sith Dominion wishes to be informed of any Jedi operations within Sith Dominion territory, the Jedi of Ossus are to be left alone and the Sith Dominion wants the LiMerge Power building as our embassy. In return, we shall rid the Works of pests and shut down polluting factories for good as well as fund any recontruction the Galactic Alliance wishes to make on it's worlds that have been ravaged by the war."

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