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Strider sighed in dismay at the lack of response from his closest friend, Riebe.

"I understand entirely, and that is what makes this decision hard for me as well. I have seen what previous Sith rulers are like, I have been around for nearly four millenias. I have it set in my mind that all Sith wield the dark side and carry some sinister plot or are bloodthirsty for power or greater knowledge of the Dark Side," Strider agreed, sighing and beginning to pace now. The circular table in front of them was a holoprojector, and he waved his hand over it, and it displayed a pre-prepared projection of the Galactic Alliance space and Sith Space. With this, he posed some interesting information that would hopefully serve to persuade some of their opinions.

"The Dominion," he started, the planets of the Dominion highlighting as he spoke of it, "for these past several years, fought an entirely defensive war. The only reason for conquering planets seemed mostly either for a revenge attack, and the Dominion is just that much more effective at full frontal attacks, or something." While he spoke, the holoprojector had shown various battles and the exchange back and forth of various planets.

He continued, "They aren't attacking with the desire to conquer. They're attacking with the desire to protect the civilians ravaged by the war. On top of this, during the several encounters with Tepe, I have managed to sense his state of mind throughout some of the key parts of this war. The Dark Lord is growing tired of the war. It's wearing thin, its draining his supplies. How many Sith do you know would grow tired of conquer? Grow tired of strife? They strive off of disturbances in the Force, yet Tepe wants an end to it."

The room was deathly quiet. They knew Strider held a true point. But could any argue it?

"What if they do attain peace, what if Tepe corrupts what is left of the leadership of the Galactic Alliance and begins a takeover? And if not Tepe, another Sith ruler of the Dominion?" Katherine suddenly lashed out at Strider.

"I thought about that, and again, that is why I bring up this point. As Sith Hunters, we are versatile, together we are powerful, enigmatic, though not invincible, a force to be reckoned with. The Galactic Alliance turned on us because they feared us. The Dominion, in every respect, could have done the same. But they haven't. I'm not saying throw our trust fully into the arms of the Sith Dominion, but they are the more preferrable side of this war. Think about it. The civilians are happy, world economies are improved under him. It's very ideal," Strider replied.

"Almost too ideal," Katherine interrupted.

"Exactly. And the Sith Hunters have spent over two millenias watching and hunting the Sith. I'm not saying we stop, I'm saying we focus our attention to the Sith involvement in the politics of the Dominion. We will always live so long as we do not fall in battle, and could be the driving force to ensure the immense power the Dominion wields does not fall into the wrong hands," he finalized.

Katherine stood quiet. As she had expected Strider to do, he had responded and backed up his answer in a way that was virtually failsafe. If they threw their support behind the Dominion, they could be the power to ensure that the Dominion never fell into the wrong hands after Tepe's lordship. They could be the power that would watch over even Tepe, ensuring that his rule as the Lord of the Dominion would remain a peaceful one.

Strider sighed. "Please, take some time to think it over. Send for me in the docks once you have attained your decisions," he finally said, then turned and left the room, his cloak swirling behind him as he walked out.


Strider approached the old man, smiling in a friendly matter and sitting across from him.

"So what bothers you kiddo?" the old man asked with a smile. His eyes had a slight blue glaze over the pupils. He was blind, yet amazingly efficient. He was Force Sensitive, very much so, though as the Hunters did while they were present on the facility, he hid it. He was not immensely powerful, but strong enough that he had learned to see using the Force after the loss of his sight.

"Can't make a decision on our position against or for the Dominion," he said. "But no worries on is progress coming on the..." he paused, making sure none of the other Hunters had followed him.

"They're done, just finalizing the weapon outfitting. You know having more than one of that is a threat if they ever fall into the wrong hands," the old man reminded.

Strider smiled. "After receiving them, trust me, they'll never leave their sight," he said. "How's the Ragnarok upgrades coming?"

"Silly boy, it's already so powerful, why would you want to make it as strong as a battlestation?"

There was a pause.

"Oh right. You're Strider, I forgot," the old man replied with grin.

"How's it look?" Strider asked. He had not flown the Ragnarok when he had left the planet fighting Emukiel, it was being upgraded by the automated system aboard the station with parts from the old man.

"Very different, much more sleeker, much more impressive. It's still the size of a standard starship, but seeing this come out of hyperspace your foes are going to wonder what it is," the old man said with a grin.

"Alright. Well just make sure the other ships are ready soon, okay gramps?" Strider requested.

"Consider it done. Get some rest Strider, while they make their decision," the old man confirmed.

Strider nodded and crossed the room, sitting and going into a meditative state. He hoped they would come to a decision soon.

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