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Reibe was restless. It had been quite some time since Jahara had gone to confront Charna. Her absence was part of the cause of Reibe's restlessness. She did not feel she could support Strider's ideas if one of the Sith had ended Jahara's life. To keep their location a secret, she could not reach out to find her young Sister.

Slowly, the old man wandered into the room and Reibe's sharp hearing caught his entrance. But she did not turn to greet him.

"She's alright," he offered quietly. Finally, Reibe turned to face him, her face tense with anticipation.

"You have heard from her?" she demanded. The old man shook his head.

"No, but I've watched your 'training' over the last few days," he answered. "She is far more than prepared to combat her former friend. She will return."

At that moment, a bright flash shone through the windows they stood at and Reibe let out a relieved laugh. Suddenly, her laugh was cut short and replaced by a worried frown. "Does this mean Jahara killed Charna?"

"Why don't you go ask?" the old man urged. And Reibe ran to greet the incoming fighter.


Reibe entered the hangar bay just as Jahara was descending from the cockpit of the little fighter.

"You're safe!" Reibe exclaimed, pulling the younger woman into a tight embrace. Jahara giggled.

"Yeah, I'm safe," she agreed, squeezing her mentor tightly. Slowly, Reibe pulled out of the hug and looked into Jahara's eyes.

"Did you..." Reibe began. Jahara shook her head.

"My test was not to kill Charna," she said. "It was simply to see how evenly matched we are... Reibe, the combat we engaged in was enough to flatten a full square mile." She smiled faintly. "And it was good to see her again."

"So how would you react if we were to... side with the Dominion?" Reibe wondered. Jahara chuckled.

"Saw that one coming," she stated confidently. "It won't bother me, Reibe. Gives me more of a chance to see Danni."

"Then all my concerns are void," Reibe said, offering the younger woman a relieved smile. "Let's go tell Strider."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The Eagle's Fire left Nal Hutta only a few minutes after Jahara took the fighter away. As they prepared to return to Naboo, a message came in, indicating that Tepe was headed to Ossus and that Charna was free to join him.

"I suppose I'd be interested in seeing the old Masters again," she murmured. "Helm. Set course for Ossus. We'll meet Lord Tepe there."

The Ravager-class battlecruiser turned slowly, heading in a new direction, and then leapt into hyperspace toward Ossus.
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