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Kaoin leaned against the metal rail and ran his hands through his hair. After the last three days of trying to convince the planet Taris to join the Dominion peacefully, they had remained adamant. Kaoin had had about enough of it.

"Time to force their hand." He said quietly to himself. "Captain, open a channel to the Prime Minister of Taris." Kaoin suddenly barked. The viewscreen went from the white speckled black of space and flared into the humanoid Khalid Val'kilq.

Kaoin cleared his throat and spoke. "Prime Minister, I have tried and tried to persuade you to join the Dominion, but you have remained adamant and arrogant. Your wealth will be your undoing. I have a full fleet above your planet waiting to, persuade, if you will, you to join the Dominion. Please do not make me do this. Your spoiled upbringing has never let you see the horrors of war, I don't suggest you find out now," said Kaoin, his stare burning into the Prime Minister's chest.

"Uh, umm." the Minister stuttered. "We would peacefully like to welcome the Dominion into Taris. Our home is your home." Khalid said nervously. His eyes started darting back and forth, and Kaoin knew he had him cornered.

"Excellent choice, Prime Minister! Excellent. Now if you don't mind, my fleet will leave a garrison on Taris to "ensure your safety". Good day, sir." said Kaoin. The viewscreen flared blue and then turned back in to the white speckled black of space.

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