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The Phasma jumped out of hyperspace above Ossus. Sparkles were flying around in deep space as the defending fleet was going throught hull repairs. The Colonel entered a room with a large globe in it. Inside, Tepe was thinking of his current choise of life. His hair was greying and face wrinkling, causing him to search for a source of eternal life throught the Force. He knew it was something a Sith would be expected to do, yet he was concerned of what it might bring out in him. Greed, lust, jealousy... Qualities of a Sith he had avoided to become since his fall. A beep echoed throught the inside of the meditation chamber, letting the Sith Lord know of someone's presence in the room. He sighed, gathered himself and opened the chamber.
"Yes, Colonel?"
"We have arrived, my Lord"
"Good. Prepare a shuttle. Tell only two guards to escort me. This is a place where I do not need a heavy escort"
"Yes, Lord Tepe"

The shuttle left some time after that from one of the hangars, dropping throught the atmosphere and heading for the Jedi Praxeum. It had been while since the last time a Dominion ship landed on the Praxeum's ground. They usually just sat up in space, defending the place. The shuttle landed with a slow, low-tone hiss as the landing gear was stabilized and the ramp lowered from it's below, finally after that opening the airlock for the Dark Lord to step throught. He was dressed majestically and in his finest. You could see he was there for a friendly visit. A group of jedi approached the shuttle and bowed as they met up with Tepe and his two guards.

"Lord Dantes, the Masters have gathered within the Great Hall, expecting your presence." one of the Jedi said and Tepe gave him a sharp look. For some reason the Jedi on Ossus had started to call him Lord Dantes. After a few visits and Skywalker getting on his case for giving those who had called him Dantes a flight against the nearest solid object, he had stopped caring. He just amused to himself how easy it would be to wipe out the whole Praxeum with one single command and get rid of all the arrogant little Jedi.
"Very good. Lead the way, Jedi" Tepe answered and followed the Jedi group throught the main door of the Praxeum and towards the Grand Hall where a table had been set with exotic foods from differnt parts of the galaxy. As Tepe entered, he smirked atthe sight.
"At least you went throught some pain making these instead of serving some old greasy Jedi food. Hello, old friend" the Lord said and shook the hands of Luke and Kyle as well as saying hello to the other Masters.
"It's good we could come together. I'm not sure if my apprentices are coming, but I invited them to join me if they so wish." he continued before taking a seat, so adding another wrinkled man at the table instead of the normal two: Kyle and Luke. Tepe's guards were seated by the wall, right behind Tepe. A steady chatter came into life before they would be served the actual dinner.

((Check out the article. Tepe's getting older ))

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