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((Monkeys' breath! Sorry, guys... I've been rather uncreative lately... at least where it comes to LF...))

Reibe and Jahara found Katherine and Strider just as Strider was explaining the fighters. Jahara muttered a few choice words in Old Corellian in her awe of the new fighters. Reibe only chuckled.

"You've outdone yourself now," she told Strider. "But I do hope you thought ahead enough that you remembered I didn't need one... doesn't the leader always have to stand out somehow anyway?" She gestured across the hangar to her own fighter. Jahara took a step toward the new fighters.

"Droyk, they're beautiful!" she murmured. Grinning at Strider, she thanked him in Old Corellian, and then translated her thanks into Basic. "I'm gonna love this... no more hearing Reibe say, 'Sit tight, Gunner Girl... no, no, don't shoot 'im... I'm gonna ram 'im!' Not anymore! Now I get some action!"

"Oy!" Reibe laughed. "Good riddance! You're a noisy, nosy, backseat flier!" Shaking her head, she nodded. "At any rate, Strider, Jahara and I have made our decision."

"My mission to Nal Hutta was a successful test of my abilities," Jahara said. "And that was all it was meant to be. I did not kill Charna and I won't."

"You presented us with a great challenge, Strider," Reibe cut in smoothly. "To keep a ruling power in line, to be sure it does not cross the line we establish... it is no easy task. But the Sith Hunters have never shied from a challenge. And we will not shy from this one."

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

The Eagle's Fire came out of hyperspace over Ossus and quickly established orbit. From there, Charna took a spare shuttle down to the surface. Less than fifteen minutes after her arrival, she entered the grand hall, following three Jedi and flanked by two guards. The guards and the Jedi split off as Charna approached the table at Tepe's left hand.

"I apologize for my late arrival," she said softly. To Tepe, she nodded her head in a furtive bow of respect. Turning to Kyle and Luke, she smiled. "Masters Skywalker and Katarn, a pleasure to see you both again."

"It is something of a pleasure to see you alive and well, Danni," Skywalker answered, nodding ever so slightly. Charna flinched almost imperceptibly.

"Please, Jedi Masters," she said, keeping her tone level, "let us not dwell in the past, nor on the names that lived within it."

"As you wish, Charna," Katarn agreed. Turning to Tepe, he then asked, "Are we to expect your other apprentice also?"
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