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"Unfortunately, no. He is preparing his fleets near the Imperial Remnant territory" Tepe said and looked at the Luke an then Charna, taking a sip of water. For a brief moment the conversation got more furious, then it was interrupted by a simple beeping sound.
"Excuse me, I think I need to get that." Tepe said and got up from the table. He walked to the wall, turning his back to the group and took his holoreciever out. The image of the Colonel appeared, kneeling down.
"My Lord, we are getting several signals heading this way throught our sensor arrays. There are too many of them to be our reinforcements" the Colonel said and looked at Tepe.
"Interesting... Send word to the nearest fleet and request immediate assistance. Prepare all ships and ground forces for a battle. Get the Phasma's weapons systems online and launch all fighters. Engage the ships as soon as they arrive from hyperspace, Colonel" Tepe said, losed the comm and returned to the table, but not to sit down. He stood behind his chair and looked around at the Jedi.

"Masters, you must excuse us. We have recieved word of an unidentified fleet heading this way. I wish we could continue this dinner after the battle, maybe?" Tepe said and walked to Charna, placing a hand on hr shoulder.
"Walk with me" he said and started to head for the door.

As Charna catched up to him, Tepe sighed quietly.
"This war is draining me. I'm getting old, my apprentice. We need to win this battle, for without it, we might never get absoulte peace. I doubt that peace will still come, taking Koin is getting arrogant and disloyal. Any day now, he might try an overthrow me. Fool..." Tepe said and finally looked at Charna, ignoring the guards walking behind them.
"You will become the Lady of the Sith Dominion once I die. Rest assured of that. But for now, all you must do is meditate. Use your knowledge in batte meditation to aid our troops. Good luck, milady" the Lord finished and suddenly kissed the woman. It wasnt a fierce kiss. More of a peck. A peck that lasted for several seconds before Tepe departed of it and looked at Charna with a kind smile. One of the guards coughted, reminding them of the hurry they were in.


Meanwhile, onboard the Phasma's command bridge, the Colonel watched the officers scurry around. Continuous reports of the fleet status, shield levels, weapons systems and ground troop situation were filling the air and the Admiral was trying to manage the large flow of information and redirect all this knowledge into sharp commands. The Colonel just stood next to the Admiral. He was no strategist. All he had to do was make sure to inform him of Lord Tepe's status and how far was the possibly hostile fleet.

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