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Tepe got on his shuttle and moments afterwards the shuttle lifted up, leaving for the Phasma. Just as the shuttle entered the hangar, the first Galactic Alliance ships appeared from hyperspace and were immediately pummeled by Dominion fighters, interceptors and bombers. The small craft were then joined by the larger battleships and cruisers while the flagship stayed behind.

Tepe got on his seat on the bridge and a large holoprojector showed a tactical map. The Galactic Alliance was sending landing ships for Ossus, something the battallions of troops and jedi could easily take care of while the Dominion fleet engaged the Galactic Alliance one in space. Some smaller warships tried to slip past the Dominion lines and engage the flagship, two of them with success. The two small ships pummeled the larger ship, but got just as pummeled themselves by the powerful dungeon ship. One of the ships made the mistake of being straight infront of the Phasma and Tepe took all the joy he found in it.

"Full speed ahead. Divert shields to the front and divert all fire on that other ship. Launch all fighters!" Tepe ordered. The tactic payed off. The two ships were destroyed easily. The other was torn to pieces as Tepe's ship rammed into it's side at full speed while the other was picked apart by the turbolaser fire and the starfighter support.
"Inform the Jedi of the landing ships and send bombers to take the ships out while they're unloading" Tepe said and the officers got to work again. The Colonel looked at the battle with a frown.
"This is an easy battle" the Colonel said but Tepe shook his head.
"No. The Galatic Alliance will divert most of it's ships to attack here. They want to breach our defences for good. When our reinforcements arrive, the Alliance will have douvble the ships it has now. We'll need some helluva tought help if we want to win this. The Phasma may be strong, but it's still not indestructible" Tpee noted and the Colonel took a step back, his opinion defeated.

((And this is where the Sith Hunters jump in, right?))

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