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Question Galochio vs. Aquato Fanfics?

Look at some of the posters in the Meat Circus level. It says 'Galoshios Dead'. This implies two things: Raz knows they are dead and, surprisingly, they are dead. Yet everybody seems to ignore this and say the Galochios are alive, well, and filled with hate. Why? They're dead. And they probably wouldn't carry such prejudice for as long or to the extremes I've seen people write.

(Another thing - Raz is always, for some reason, totally ignorant of his family's history. What the heck? Maybe this is just me, but he strikes me as fairly competent. He has posters of them in his mind. This indicates he might know something about them, like, oh, I don't know, WHO THEY ARE. Just a thought.)

Anyhow... yeah. That's my little question asking rant about the Galachios. The DEAD Galachios, I take joy in adding.
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