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((I'm doing a little time skip thing for the Hunters... so yes, this is where they jump in.))

Charna stretched her senses further, reinforcing the positive emotions of the Dominion crews and searching for reinforcements. But her senses didn't get much further before she felt a familiar presence drawing near at lightspeed... two of them, in fact. Then, three, four, even five. Charna's eyes snapped open in alarm and she lurched to her feet, staggering toward a comm system, a puzzled and concerned Kyle Katarn following behind.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

"Welcome to our first challenge," Reibe said, while the Hunters were still in hyperspace. "The Galactic Alliance has decided to force its hand upon the Dominion by conquering Ossus. They calculated that right about now would be perfect timing for a preliminary strike, as now is the time when Darth Tepe himself was scheduled to meet with the True Masters. The majority of their fleet is not far behind. As it happens, we will probably enter the fighting after the rest of the fleet gets..."

"Charna is alarmed at our approach," Jahara interrupted.

"Calm her fears, Jahara," Reibe said quickly. "Before she takes our approach wrong."


Don't warn your master, Danni. We are here to help.

Charna halted abruptly, right hand poised above the comm system's activation switch.

Danni, trust me!

Charna hit the switch. "Ossus Ground to Phasma," she said. "This is Lady Charna."

"Go ahead, Lady Charna," the comm officer answered.

"Inform Lord Tepe that the Sith Hunters are approaching," she advised. "And that they claim to be siding with us in this conflict."

The comm officer's eyes widened and he did as ordered... just as the rest of the Galactic Alliance fleet dropped out of hyperspace.

Strike fear in their hearts, Danni! I will help!


"Well?" Reibe demanded impatiently after several moments of silence from Jahara. Silence was Jahara's response, but then, she gasped.

"The Alliance fleet has arrived," she murmured. "Reibe, slaving my fighter's controls to yours until we arrive... I have got to help Danni influence minds."

She again fell silent, but this time, Reibe could feel her reaching out, even beyond Reibe's sense limit. The Hunter Leader could not help but be amazed at the volume of the young woman's power. Enough to flatten a square mile indeed... and that was without much exertion.


"The Hunters are siding with us!" Charna exclaimed into the comm again, excitement flooding her voice as she sensed Jahara begin influencing and enhancing the Alliance fleet's nervousness. Behind her, Kyle ran a hand through his hair, puzzled.

"Never would'a seen that coming," he muttered.
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