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Tepe grunted as he heard the news. The Dominion reinforcements from the neighbouring systems arrived, engaging the Galactic Alliance. The Lord looked at the battle, then stood up and looked at the tactical hologram.
"Admiral, drive us straight into the battle. Get all weapons ready and launch every fighter we have. Even the droid ones" Tepe said and took a step towards the end of the walkway. The engines of the huge ship rumbled vigorously as they were taken to the extreme, pushing the ship as fast as they could. The Sith Lord turned to see the Colonel and smirked.
"Execute Command 13, Colonel" Tepe said. The Colonel gave the man a funny look before swallowing.
"But, my lord, that would mean..." The Colonel started but was interrupted.
"I know what it means. Execute it"


The HUDs of Kaoin's guards flashed and the text 'Command 13' appeared on the upper left corner. The guards looked at each others before gathering behind the Sith and the leader taking a step forwards.
"Lord Kaoin, you have been relieved of your duties. You are accused of being a traitor plotting against the Sith Dominion and the Lord of the Sith Dominion. Hand over your lightsaber" the Guard said and opened his palm infront of the man. The rest of the guards took out their rifles and pointed them at the Sith. Kaoin could easily manage to cut down the leader and hold up against the laser shots for a while, possibly even killing most of the Guards before getting at least injured, but it would not matter. Tepe had gotten to him before the apprentice could attempt a coup. The Lord could not jeopardise his position when a peace treaty was in the works.

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