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The naval command hesitated, so the message was forwarded to Lord Tepe himself. The Admiral looked at the hologram of the Ragnarok and the other Hunters' fighters. Tepe gave a chuckle at the message. He knew just how weird it sounded when Strider requested assisstance like a Dominion pilot.
"Send Red, Green and Blue squads as well as Gold squad. Tell them to open channels to the Ragnarok and that Strider has been given control of them for now" he said and the Admiral complied. Only a moment later, two squads of Sith Fighters, a squad of Bombers and a squad of Interceptors joined the Ragnarok in the attack run. The squad leaders contacted Strider.
"Blue squad, reporting in"
"Red squad, reporting in"
"Green squad, reporting in"
"Gold squad, reporting in"
"What's your orders, Commander?"

The Colonel looked at his Lord who laughted at the situation by himself. The Phasma had just entered the heat of battle and needed further orders. This was also noticed by the Admiral who cleared his throat to remind the Lord of this also.
"Hm... Put this ship into a roll, Admiral. And fire all weapons!"
"Yes, my lord"
The tactic worked. The ship tilted into a steady roll movement with guns blazing at the Alliance ships. The timing had been just right as the ship could fire freely around it. All Dominion ships were behind Alliance ships, engaging them form the other side. It was rather impressive how the huge ship rolled while releasing tens of thousands of rounds at the Alliance. Actually, this tactic had been used before by Lord Tepe, during the Defence of Korriban. That time the ship managed to damage the Alliance fleet enought to force it to flee, but this time there were too many ships to attacks. It would have to do as much damage and then the rest of the fleet would take care of those who survived the barrage of shots fired at them. As the roll was coming to and end, the Lord retreated to his garden. He continued to watch from there the actions in space and on Ossus, this time throught the Force. Soon the Colonel joined him with more detailed reports on how the Dominion was doing

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