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Strider blinked. "This is way more than I expected," he muttered. He opened the comm channel to all of them and spoke to aall the squads at once. "This isn't going to be a 'cover me while I do the work thing,' I need all of you. Follow me single file. Let's go," he ordered.

The Ragnarok took off in a burst, veering to the left, what seemed to be away from the fight. The Dominion fighters followed suit, single file.

"This seems suicide, but trust me. Dodge what fire you can if you must, just stay with the group. When I give the signal, spread out and open fire with your first load on my mark. The simultaneous strike will knock out their shield system if only temporarily, but it will be enough for us to u-turn around and make a second run on the bridge. Return to single file during the u-turn, then upon approaching the bridge, branch out again. They won't expect such an aggressive attack," Strider ordered. With that, he veered to the right, coming now at the Alliance army from their unguarded flank.

The fleet of fighters soared at the Galactic Alliance capital ship rapidly, just as they neared turret range, which began to open fire. The initial shots pounded into the Ragnarok, but left no damage to the strong Hunter starship. Finally, Strider gave the order for them to spread out. The Dominion ships spread to his side, flanking him and creating a a scattered formation around him. They flew directly at the vessel, when Strider called over the intercom.

"Let em loose! Fire!"

The Dominion ships and the Ragnarok dropped their first payload into the ship, the sudden blast rocked the Alliance capital ship, sending the crew inside to the floor from the sudden strike. The Dominion fighters singled up behind Strider again, following him closely as he weaved in and out of the heavy fire of the capital ship, which from what they noticed, had been briefly disarrayed by the sudden strike. They reached a safe distance before Strider u-turned. He gave the order, and the ships spread out again, all targetting the bridge. The Dominion ships came close and once again Strider ordered over the intercom.

"Fire at will!"

The Dominion ships fired, as well as the Ragnarok, and unloaded on the bridge of the capital ship. The focused attack crippled the bridge, rendering the capital ship inactive. The Ragnarok swerved away, as did the Dominion fighters, and returned to the cover of the Phasma, where Strider sent another intercom.

"Lord Tepe, it was quite an experience to fly with your men. They are talented fighters, though that was far more than I bargained for. Where else would you like the Sith Hunters to aid with?" he asked. He felt really weird taking orders from Tepe, but right now, it was about fighting back the Alliance force.

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