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Charna's Eagle's Fire joined the fight as well, taking its orders by instinct, as Charna had taught them she would lead them when she used Battle Meditation. Jahara's fighter flew close by, using a little of the battlecruiser's arms as cover for her split concentration.

"Thought you wanted some action, Jahara," Reibe remarked dryly. "Turns out you just want to follow a bigger shadow?"

"Speak not of things beyond your comprehension, Big Sister," Jahara quipped in return. Reibe laughed, sharing her adrenaline rush through the Force.

"I think we mis-named ourselves again, Brother," she said to Strider. "At the start, we were called Jedi Hunters. Then, we betrayed the Sith and became Sith Hunters. What are we now? Hunters. Just 'Hunters'. And it's the last name change we'll ever need, for while our prey may change, we shall always hunt."
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