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Reibe chuckled, bringing her unique fighter around beside the Ragnarok. "Perhaps you're right," she agreed. "Intimidation is an important part of our image. We'll keep it the way it is."

She brought her fighter into the hangar alongside Strider's ship and set it down. The other Hunters were not far behind. Jahara was the most visibly tired, having focused more of her mind on the battle than anyone else. Reibe was, on the other hand, full of energy. It seemed strange to Jahara that one who had seen as much in life as Reibe had could be so full of... life, and yet Reibe seemed to be so full of energy she might explode.

"Shall we run up to see what our Sith friends had in mind?" she asked in a surprisingly subdued tone of voice considering the fact that she looked as if she ought to be hopping and skipping around like a little child. But without waiting for an answer, for she knew what the answer would be, she turned and headed for the door from the hangar into the rest of the ship.
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