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Originally Posted by Fettscommander
What about online cheats that few know. other than the spam weapon and behind view?
There is a game glitch that allows you to throw certain gun ammo as if it were a grenade. You may have seen people throwing rockets, or AA ammo (the two most popular ones). Throwing shotgun ammo is also done a lot.

There is another game glitch that lets you shoot your gun while carrying the flag in CTF.

You can bind a certain command to a key to allow easier headshots when you are on the same level surface as your enemy. This can be effective when sniping and when using blaster and/or shotty.

NOTE: I will not provide any specifics on how to do these, as I think they are all dumb and noobish to actually use in-game. However, you *can* find them with Google if you look hard enough.

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