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Originally Posted by Vaelastraz
To those of you who played through the game already: which ending did you choose? Answer with spoiler...

I prefer the Anarch ending, though I think they should have included a variant of the "going solo" ending scene at the base of Venture Tower meeting up with the rest of the gang after giving Lacroix the key and escaping.

I didn't like the Lacroix, Kuei-Jin or "greedy going solo" endings, but if you get them you deserve to get them. After all those warnings, and plenty of proof about how trustworthy Lacroix and Ming-Xiao are your vamp has to be pretty stupid to try to ally with them anyway. I see them more as "that's what you get for being evil/greedy" endings.

The Camarilla ending (Strauss) felt so-so, since it didn't answer the questions about the Ankaran Sarcophagus, and you didn't get the awesome scene with Jack, the king and Caine up on the hill overlooking the town.
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