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Im assuming this takes place in KOTOR time

Name: Darth Templar
Homeplanet: Telos
Saber style: Single saber
Species: Kel Dor
Backround Info: After living on the planet Telos and viewing the regeneration project on the planet. Templar thought that he was somewhat involed in the universe. However he was right. The force guided him towards an abandoned blaster pistol he found on the ground one day. It had been dropped from the bag of a wandering weapons trader. He used it by killing an Exchange grunt right in the middle of the area. But because of his cunning and bravery. Plus to the fact that one of the bounty hunters there was actualy a trainer in disguise trying to take the exchange on telos over. Cain was recognized as force sensitive and was saved. He was then transported to Korriban
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