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((Welcome back))

Name: Alex Rahkola
Gender: Male
Age: 25

Personality: A strong willed young man who wants to prove himself not only as an able police officer, but also as a good son to his father. He is a good leader and a strategist, but rebellious thoughts still come up to him every now and then, especially when his father or mother are in any way involved in a situation. Being an atheist and a socialist, some feel him as a threat, so he has become very able in watching his surroundings and in martial arts.
Biography: He was born into a lovely little family with the father being a former sissi from Finland and the mother an American biologist. He also has two brothers and a sister, the brothers in the army and the sister as a nurse. Not only was he a good student at the start of his life, he also proved to be very able as a leader early on while being a class president for several years in a row. Later on he joined the army, proving his worth in several battles against the brieders before resigning his post and joining the police in an attempt to find a more peaceful life.
Strengths: Endurance, strong will, empathy
Weaknesses: Strong will, empathy


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