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(Thanks, it's nice to see you all again, we'll start this off, all other people interested can join in as we go along)

It was mid-day, the infantry of the Spartan army moved towards the hills with great opposition from the Brieders. A small squad in a trench, south of what was an abandoned observatory was awaiting the arrival of the comms officer. Faith Cortez was one of the soldiers in the trench. The new model of weaponry was in her hands, the new carbine, a redesigned M4 with shotgun barrel with capacity of three shells.

The comms officer came rushing into the trench as a grenade blast was heard and seen a few metters away from them.

- "They're getting closer!" - one of the soldiers said, Faith took a look at the comms officer who was bleeding from his left arm.

- "Are you alright officer?" - Faith asked and the man nodded, he was panting and managed to catch a bit of his breath.

- "Ma'am, we've lost contact with the forward command center, the only comm available at this point is in the recon tower just north of the greenhouse" - the comms officer said.

- "Fine, we'll have to move there and contact the airstrike team to clear the Brieder camp just east of the hills" - Faith said and took her binoculars and saw three huge monsters, these monsters were called Tank Brieders because of their size and difficulty to bring down.

- "Three tanks on the way, anybody looked at the blueprints of this place?" - Faith asked.

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