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Alex sat in the back of a makeshift APC, one of the volunteers from the Police to aid in the defence of the city the Brieders were closing in on. There were a total of three APCs that were actually SWAT trucks that the garage people had enforced with some extra armor plating. All men inside wore SWAT combat wear with the exception of proper military weapons. The other two APCs had people talking and the squad leaders briefing the men, but the one which had Alex in it was silent. Only a cought was heard. When the driver knocked on the wall as the sign they were getting close, Jake stood up, taking a lion patch from his pocket and placing in on his other arm as the sign he was squad leader while holding a pipe on the roof of the truck so he wouldn't lose his balance.
"All right, people. You all went throught boot camp. You all know what to do. Just remember one rule; don't lose the golden lion from your view. Good luck out there"

Only a moment later, another knock echoed throught the wall and the police closest to the doors stood up, opening the metal doors and scrambling out. The rest of the 15 man squad jumped off and secured the nearby area while Alex and the other squad leaders rushed to the Forward Command Center to meet up with the commanding officer.
"Ah, the volunteers. Rather swift trip taking you're not enlisted"
"Yes, sir. What's our orders?"
"What's your specialties?"
"Recon, commando and guerilla, sir"
"Perfect. There are some Brieders trying to circle our positions. There's a greenhouse nearby their location with a trench. I would think you can make use of it"
"We'll head there right away, sir"
"And if you happen to see any of my soldiers on the way, pick them up. You'll need help"
"Yes, sir"

The squads loaded up in the APCs again and the drivers looked a safe route to the greenhouse. Before leaving, however, the army procided them with machine guns on the roofs and a soldier capable of controlling the heavy weapon. After a quick strapping on of the MG, the APCs took off cross terrain. Alex decided to brief his men again.
"Allright men, we're heading for a hot spot. If we get there before the bogies, we can hide in a greenhouse, waiting for them to pass. Then we can open fire on them when they least expect it. However, if we can't get to the greenhouse before them, there's a trench nearby. Our main objective at that point is to secure the trench and put up some defences. If we fail, the army might fail, so don't screw up" he said and checked his assault rifle, a heavily updated version of an MP5.

The battle got toughter as they got nearer to their objective. The drivers took out everything they had in the trucks, but not even that was enought. They were too late to hide, so they would have to get some defences up. Even if they had gone way past the actual battlefield to ambush the enemy, it would be worth it in the end. The three trucks rushed onwards.

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