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Name: Kyle Crinth
Gender: Male
Age: 22

Personality: Very quite person, he spokes only when needed and doesn't have many friends.
Biography: Kyle was an orphan as a kid, constantly running the streets. He was a thief at best, stealing what food and clothing he could find to survive. One day, as he was committing such an act, a soldier found him scrounging through a cupboard and brought him to the military installation in Sparta. He became the military's best pilot, passing every test, and even out-doing the so called "Top Gun" pilots in war games.
Strengths: Excellent pilot, stealthy, very proficient sharpshooter
Weaknesses: Empathy, lack of love



Kyle streaked through the sky, leaving an exhaust plume behind him. He was engaging a formation of Brieder bombers that had set up over a dug in Sparta position.
"Command, this is White Lightning, do we some numbers on the amount of them?" Kyle asked as he approached the target.

"Command to Lightning: There are approximately-"

Suddenly and very violently a Brieder fighter jet slammed in to the rear section of Kyle's plane, tearing the engines and the back half of the plane clear off. As the plane careened out of control towards the ground, he tried to reach the eject lever. There was a loud explosion and the canopy opened to gray, cloudy skies and Kyle was shot up into them.

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