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NO ONE KILL ME! please...
I'm writing a sort of Raz/Sasha mock type thing... GAH! I'm writing a razsasha! SACRALIGE!!!! I need to burn! *sets self on fire*
Okay, so that's not everything. Childmolestation, Milla going insane, colin puncturing, Sasha going to an asylum, Fred Sasha.... GAH! I HATE MYSELF SO MUCH!!!
But In what I've writen I find it pretty funny... Raz's Dad screams at Sasha for child molestation^^

Okay... Now on to something that doesn't make me want to kill mehself...
I'm writing a crossover fic (One that I've been flamed for doing, but one I'm not about to stop writing)
It's Silent hill Psychonauts. RazLili, SashaMilla, GloriaEdger, FredHeather, and other crazy pairing galore... Okay, it isn't just an insane romance, its more of a cazy supernatural horror type thing. Saddly, only 10% of the Psychonaut playing population has played SH... and 3 precent of them are RazSasha whores...
I feel kinda sad... I THINK I'M GONNA KILL MAHSELF!!!

"When you're scared and hurt for so long, you're fear and pain turn to hate, and that hate starts to change the world..."
Demon Alessa, Silent Hill
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