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The APCs rumbled onwards, the machine guns opening fire as soon as they could at the enemy infantry. Alex stood up again after a knock on the wall.
"Alright. Check your equipment and load your weapons. We'll go in with a bang, so get everything so it's easy to get if you need it. Especially ammo. We have two crates extra for each truck, but it won't still matter much if you can't reach it in time to save your life. Gray, Richardson, you carry the crates out as soon as we've put up some defences around the trucks. Get the ammo to the greenhouse as soon as you can and if you can. Otherwise dump it into the trench and start shooting" he said before the whole squad rose up, checked the gears and loaded their weapons. As the situation was already quite chaotic near the greenhouse and they couldn't hide before the Brieders got to them, the drivers took the loudspeakers and attatched the microphone on the stereo system. They had agreed as a joke that if it got hot, they would sound the cavalry horn when going into battle. So they did now. The noise came before them, the trucks soon afterwards screeching to halts next to the trenches.

The doors flung open and squads poured out, opening fire on the Brieders getting rather too close to the trenches. Alex rushed to the trench and jumped down, seeing soldiers there. It would seem they interrupted a last ditch defence.
"Lion team! Move forwards in the trenches and get some defences up! I'll try to find out who's in charge here. Bryce, you're in charge!" Alex shouted before rushing off to the nearest soldier, asking directions. Soon afterwards he went forwards in the trenches, trying to find out who the heck was Faith Cortez.

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