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I'm heading off for the Society of Leopold. Got me a ton of ammo, a katana, a flamethrower, some Diet Pepsi and some snacks, life is good. I'll take care to search the area for the special katana, stoffe, since that looks like a great weapon, and my melee skill seems to be far better than my ranged skill, at least with the Tooth and Claw brothers, or whatever they're called.

I liked how you got bonus xp for clearing out Zhao's place--wish that had been the case for the Glaze.

Do you guys ever read the newspapers? I noticed when I told Wong to be careful not to trust Ming he got a little upset, but the newspapers sitll had the Ash Rivers article. The next time I spoke to him I said something favorable about Ming, and the next thing I know the newspapers had an article about him and his daughter....

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